Founded in 2004, Felony productions is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. It started gaining experience in the field of short films, advertising and video clips. In 2009, we expanded the dynamic of our production company by purchasing our own camera equipment (now an upgraded Red Epic-Dragon) and lenses, which gave us freedom and autonomy in producing our own projects. As a small company, most of the activities are coordinated by Stelios Kammitsis with the collaboration and assistance of our DoP Thodoris Michopoulos, executive producer Katerina Hadjispyrou and production manager Iro Adrakta. 

The vision of Felony productions is to produce films that will transcend the boarders of Cyprus with potential to fare well abroad and attract a broader international audience. This is also one of the reasons, why THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS is intended as a European coproduction with filming locations that spread in more than three countries. Felony production is keen to explore new opportunities in the field of filmmaking, expand with international collaborations and intent to assis in placing the Cypriot cinema on the map of Europe. Our ambition is to network internationally and create fertile ground for future international collaborations. 

​In 2010, the company developed it's first feature film titled JERKS (ΚΩΛΟΠΑΙΔΑ). The film premiered in Athens in March 2012 and participated in various international film festivals around the world. The company is currently in preproduction for the second feature film of Stelios Kammitsis titled THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS.